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Become a member of The Missile, Space, and Range Pioneers!

Who We Are

The Missile, Space and Range Pioneers is a non-profit organization that exist for the purpose of providing an opportunity for people associated with missile, space and range activities to meet socially and renew acquaintances. Officers are elected annually by the membership. General membership meetings are held in the Spring and Fall of each year. A chairman is appointed each year to organize the reunion.

Are You Eligible?

An applicant should be currently engaged in or have been engaged in missile, space or range activities.

These involve those functions that culminate in a test or launch program at DOD or NASA facilities in Florida and in their off-shore and down-range stations.


Anyone who is in a direct or indirect support role or is an advocate of space in present or future applications may apply for membership.


Anyone who is a space enthusiast may apply for membership.

Dues (paid through PayPal):

  •  Life membership is a one-time fee of $100.00

  •  Regular Membership (two years) is $30.00

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